Store Opening

Periplus Lands at Pacific Place Mall!

Apr 2024

Attention bibliophiles and literature enthusiasts! Pacific Place Mall is delighted to announce the arrival of Periplus, a haven for book lovers of all ages at Basement 1. It's more than just a bookstore – it's a portal to captivating stories and a world of knowledge waiting to be explored. 

Periplus boasts a diverse selection of fiction and non-fiction, catering to every literary craving. Whether you're seeking the latest bestsellers, hidden literary gems, or a specific title, their extensive collection is sure to satisfy. Step into a welcoming atmosphere designed for browsing and exploration. Curl up in a comfy reading nook with your newfound treasure or lose yourself amidst the towering shelves. 

As they turn a new page with this exciting venture, the Pacific Place Mall store is set to become a cornerstone for literary culture in Jakarta. Whether you're a lifelong reader or just beginning your literary journey, Periplus welcomes you to discover your next favorite book.

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