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Mar 06, 2020

Sweetest Love

Love could not get sweeter than this.

Back in February on Valentine’s Day, GoWork together with Modena hosted a sweet competition, literally, for couples to make a dessert. It was not exclusively for romantic couples, but siblings, best friends, a parent with his/her kid could join, because 14 February is all about celebrating love no matter what the relationship status is.

Only 8 couples who had minimum experience with kitchen and sweet-making were allowed to join. With Chef Aga Alvian as host, he demonstrated how to make Chocolate Mousse Mixed Berry Compote with Fried Milk, which the contestants had to make from scratch. Couples who made it as closely resembled and tasted as the one the chef made brought home PACIFIC E-Voucher and Modena products. Nothing rings more true than the event’s tagline of, “Let’s make this Valentine’s moment as sweet as a cake with your loved one.”

Instead of having romantic dinner, the couples were working hard to create a dessert with their loved ones. After a long and hard judging process, Dian R. Putri and Mahendra Kayama were chosen as the first winner, entitled to prizes of PACIFIC E-Voucher worth of IDR 5,000,000 and Modena products. The runner-up Myola Renaldy and Delvi got PACIFIC E-Voucher worth of IDR 1,000,000 and Modena product as well.

Here’s an idea on how to spend Valentine’s Day for the years to come: instead of going to a candlelight dinner or feeling down because you have no date, join a competition with a person you treasure the most and win the prizes!

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