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High Quality and Cheap Food for Communities

Dec 30, 2020

High quality food doesn’t have to be costly all the time. In special seasons, for us, are the perfect times to let everyone have access to high quality yet cheap food.

Every Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year (NATAIM), communities in Kebayoran Baru can stop by Artha Graha Peduli Cheap Market to pick some foodstuffs in more affordable prices.

This socio-humanity based program, initiated by Artha Graha Peduli with Pacific Place Care, has been running since November 2020 until January 2021.

With a lot of basic grocery items offered, we hope that this Artha Graha Peduli Cheap Market can reach more people to get their daily food supplies fixed. Not only that, we look forward to building stronger and sustainable relationship with the communities around.

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