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Mar 11, 2020

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Another year of prosperity has come.

Do you believe that luck can be found at the mall? PP assures you to say yes through Fortune Garden. This prosperous garden allows you to find something that you wish for a long this year, including happiness and a series of nice photos. The garden only exists throughout 15 January – 9 February. If you have visited it, you are among the lucky people.  

You might be surprised by the size of the Chinese Tea Set. It is usually seen in parcels or dining tables, but at PP, the dishes were served in an unusual size at Main Atrium. Moon cake, fortune cookies, rat-shaped steamed buns, mandarin oranges, and tea cups were definitely not to be eaten but act as amazing photo background. Visitors are allowed to sit inside the cup—without any expectation that it will be spinning, for sure. The beauty of the garden was also increasingly felt by the presence of Meihua Tree, a national plan of mainland China. Have you made a wish under this tree for your wealth?  

A celebration wouldn’t be festive without great shows. From 17 January until 2 February, the Fortune Garden’s stage had enlivened with Lunar New Year Performances, featuring Shanghai Swing, a music session with modern Chinese-Swing songs; Barongsai Dance; Oriental Music Orchestra and Oriental Harmony of Angklung by Mentari and Pesona Angklung.

The highlight of the event was the Year of Rat Celebration, from 24 until 26 January, where the spectacular Spring Flowers Dance with captivating costume was presented, followed by Barongsai attraction to pick up some Hong Bao from the tenants from Ground Floor until Level 6. The festivity was held on 1 PM and 6 PM. Especially for CNY day, Shanghai Swing also took part at 4 PM.

The exciting New Year has been stepped on. Are you ready for the next excitement?

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