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Eating On-Cam with Foodlicious

Oct 09, 2020

“What to eat?” should be considered a philosophical question by now. Try cooking unusual recipes? Check. Order takeaway from your go-to restaurant? Check. Go on a culinary adventure tasting dishes from new establishments? Oh, how we wish we could!
Thank goodness for the Instagram LIVE feature, because now you can re-watch our #Foodlicious eating show on @pacificplacemall Instagram. #Foodlicious goes live every Thursday at 4 PM. It’s totally worth watching as we’re looking forward to the days where it’s 100% safe to eat in restaurants again. In the meantime, you can totally order this food and beverage for takeaway and/or through online food delivery apps.
The mukbang session is the star of the program. You can have a little culinary adventure with the host, as they try the scrumptious, drool-worthy dishes. Surely they will leave your tummy craving for more. To put a cherry on top, we also gave Dining Voucher for the lucky participants who join our Instagram Live and for the Q&A session.
After watching our #Foodlicious episodes hopefully, you’ve had your answers to “what to eat?” questions, at least for the next few days.
Images: Foodlicious with PAUL

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