Store Opening

Clean Canteen

Oct 2021

From Seminyak to SCBD, Clean Canteen is bringing the chill and tropical island vibes to the bustling metropolitan. With wide range of menu consisting of all-day breakfast, Asian & Western dishes, it’s hard for PP to choose just one.

Order anything from Clean Canteen’s 7 menu sections. The Breakfast section features classics to help you power through a busy day. The Best of Asia will make you feel right at home with familiar comfort foods. In Best of Western, juicy burgers—vegan or not—and thick Chicken Wraps are the stars. Most of them are served with Clean Canteen homemade sauce, you won’t regret it!

Go healthier with the Salad options. They’re anything but boring, with Western & Asian twists to them. After you complete your meal, the Desserts are calling your name. Clean Canteen only uses the best ingredients and no refined sugar, with POD Chocolate Bali as their supplier.

Have a cup or two from the Coffee section, brewed only with best beans. If you want to shoot for something stronger than caffeine, Clean Canteen has refreshing cocktails and nice wines in their Drinks section. Take a sip, and suddenly you’re transported to Bali!

Delicious and healthy, Clean Canteen offers gluten-free and vegetarian options. All the ingredients are also fresh and natural, like daily caught fish, antibiotics and hormone free organic chicken and grass-fed beef, pesticides free fruits and vegetables, and an overall balanced food.

Visit Clean Canteen at Pacific Place Mall, Level 4.

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