Remas Rames

Get ready for a flavor explosion! We're thrilled to welcome Remas Rames by Dum Dum to our tenant family on Level 4. This exciting new eatery serves up delicious Rames, also known as Nasi Campur in Indonesian. Choose from a variety of enticing protein options, all served with a bed of fluffy rice and an array of complementing sides. 

Dive into savory Rames Ikan Cakalang (skipjack tuna), Cumi Mercon (firecracker squid), or classic favorites like Ayam Geprek (smashed fried chicken), Ayam Bakar (grilled chicken), Empal Suwir (shredded beef), Lidah Sapi (braised beef tongue), and Ayam Woku (Manadonese style chicken). 

Remas Rames by Dum Dum is your new go-to for a satisfying and flavorful Indonesian dining experience. Don't miss out, head over to Level 4 and taste the deliciousness today!

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Pacific Place Mall, Level 4


Level 4

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