Onigiri Toiro

Sometimes when you hear the term “quick meal”, you can’t help but instantly think of “fast food” or “unhealthy but convenient”. Busy bees, rejoice! PP presents a quick meal that’s fulfilling, practical, affordable, and healthy in the form of rice balls: Onigiri Toiro.

Chef Hirokazu Onishi of Osaka brings along his expertise along with high-quality ingredients imported all the way from Japan. From salmon, tuna, grilled mackerel to even vegan onigiri, Onigiri Toiro comes to the rescue to keep your starving away. Tuna salad is also available in small-batch and limited quantities.

Never skip a meal, no matter how busy you are. Make a quick stop at Onigiri Toiro on Level B1 to grab your meal, and you’re good to go. Have a rice day!

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